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<p>At PINTU, We are building the #1 crypto investment platform to focus on new investors in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. We know that 99% of new investors are underserved because existing solutions cater to the 1% who are pros and early adopters hence we built an app that helps them to learn, invest and sell cryptocurrencies with one click away.<br></p><p><strong></strong>We’re looking for a Senior Data Engineer to join our Engineering team, to maintain PINTU’s data pipeline and data pipeline observability. This role is the subject matter expert for PINTU’s data pipeline management<strong></strong><strong>.<br></strong><br></p><h5><strong>What You’ll Be Doing</strong></h5><p>You will be managing PINTU’s data pipeline. Using your technical knowledge and passion for data management, you will team up with our data team to build a seamless data pipeline to fasten the company-wide data decision-making.</p><p><strong>In this role, you will:</strong><br></p><ul> <li>Conceptualize and generate infrastructure that allows big data to be accessed and analyzed;</li> <li>Reformulate existing frameworks to optimize their functioning;</li> <li>Test such structures to ensure that they are fit for use;</li> <li>Liaise with coworkers and specific stakeholders to elucidate the requirements for each task</li> <li>Keep up-to-date with blockchain standards and technological advancements that will improve the quality of your outputs.<br> </li> </ul><h5><strong>Why You Should Join Us</strong></h5><ul> <li>Exposure to the blockchain-based industry where you are given the freedom to implement your data-pipeline-related initiatives</li> <li>Opportunity to team up with the top engineering team in a supportive environment for your career growth and personal well-being</li> <li>Opportunity to work from anywhere</li> </ul><ul></ul><h4> </h4><h5><strong>Who We Are Looking For</strong></h5><ul> <li>A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field preferred</li> <li>5+ years of Data Integration experience.</li> <li>3+ years of hands-on experience with one of the following technologies: Apache Spark, SQL or BigQuery or PostgreSQL</li> <li>Proficiency in at least one of the following programming languages: Python, Scala, and Java</li> <li>Experience in writing Apache Spark or Apache Beam including an understanding of optimization techniques.</li> <li>Experience in data streaming and integration with Kafka.</li> <li>Having experience in GCP Products like Bigquery, Dataflow, PubSub, Bigtable, Composer, and GCS</li> <li>Proficiency in traditional RDBMS with an emphasis on Postgres, and MySQL.</li> <li>General understanding of ETL/ELT frameworks, error handling techniques, data quality techniques and their overall operation</li> <li>Proficient in developing and supporting all aspects of a big data cluster: Ingestion, Processing, integration (Python, Spark, Scala), data cleansing, workflow management (Airflow), and querying (SQL).</li> <li>Proficient in Docker and containerization</li> <li>Capable of navigating and working effectively in a DevOps model including leveraging related technologies: Jenkins, GitLab, Git etc.</li> </ul><p> </p><p><strong>Let’s Realise a Cryptocurrency Bank for Everyone!</strong></p><p>We are building the #1 cryptocurrency bank for everyone to accelerate the transition to an open financial system</p><p>We have impacted many lives, but there’s still plenty to do, and we can’t do it alone. You can learn more about us.</p><p><strong>What is PINTU?</strong></p><p>PINTU is a blockchain-based digital investment app that focuses on new investors. We have created a user-friendly app that helps new investors to learn, buy and invest cryptocurrency one click away. <br><br>Our agility and firm hold on our core purpose and values have allowed us to remain resilient and thrive through tumultuous times.</p><p><br><strong>Learn more about PINTU</strong> <strong>here.</strong></p> When applying, mention the word CANDYSHOP to show you read the job post completely.

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