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<h4>Job Summary</h4> <p>The Business Development Associate role will utilize Nethermind’s engineering talent to accelerate the adoption &amp; development of permissionless, open &amp; decentralized systems. You will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of a pivotal time in web3.</p> <h4>Key Job Responsibilities</h4> <p>As a member of the Business Development team, you will focus on the growth of Nethermind’s business across Security Audits, and formal Verification</p> <p>Your responsibilities will bemultifaceted andwill require you to be proactive and motivated. You will attract new clients, build relationships with them, negotiate and close deals, and manage existing relationships. Other duties will include market research, developing business strategies and pitches, managing a variety of projects, and identifying new business opportunities. You will focus on working with Security Audits, formal verification, and real-time monitoring</p> <p>This is an enormous opportunity to utilize your problem-solving ability and pave the path for the future of Blockchain technology.<br><br></p> <div class="p-rich_text_section"><strong data-stringify-type="bold">A Day in the Life</strong></div> <ul class="p-rich_text_list p-rich_text_list__bullet" data-stringify-type="unordered-list" data-indent="0" data-border="0"> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Identifying and evaluating new business opportunities</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Managing and prioritizing a pipeline</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Negotiating and closing deals</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Conducting market research and identifying potential clients</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Building strong relationships with new clients while maintaining existing client relationships</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Engaging with projects across ecosystems</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Identify and invent new value propositions with existing relationships and partners</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Assisting with drafting business plans, sales pitches, presentations, reference material, etc</li> </ul> <div class="p-rich_text_section"><strong data-stringify-type="bold">What you’ll need</strong></div> <ul class="p-rich_text_list p-rich_text_list__bullet" data-stringify-type="unordered-list" data-indent="0" data-border="0"> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">2+ years of work experience in sales or business development</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Experience in web3 is<strong data-stringify-type="bold">required</strong> </li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Previous experience selling security services and products is<strong data-stringify-type="bold">preferred</strong> </li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Proven experience in sales and closing deals (provide measurable results)</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Strong negotiation skills</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Strong written/verbal communication &amp; presentation skills</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Ability to generate and acquire new leads</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Strong network in Web3 space (Ethereum,<em class="Highlight htdb03278a-b03e-4d95-a6d0-c24062219135">Starknet</em>, other L2s)</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Experience on working with marketing on lead generation campaigns</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Comfort in making decisions autonomously and explaining your ideas concisely</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Self Driven / Entrepreneurial mindset. Ability to work fast, and autonomous</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Good knowledge of<em class="Highlight htdb03278a-b03e-4d95-a6d0-c24062219135">Blockchain</em>technology &amp; the crypto space.</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Great at building &amp; leveraging relationships, while maintaining and bringing relationships with an already existing base of clients/connections (portfolio)</li> <li data-stringify-indent="0" data-stringify-border="0">Data-savvy, understand basic metrics of sales, marketing and operations.<br><br> </li> </ul> When applying, mention the word CANDYSHOP to show you read the job post completely.