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About Us

Generative AI, particularly large language models, is revolutionising content creation, knowledge retrieval, and problem-solving by generating human-quality text, content and commands based on human instructions. In the coming years, generative AI will completely redefine our culture and our lives, the way we interact with machines and with fellows.

As in the previous ages of software, proprietary solutions were developed first—and we’re grateful they revealed the power of generative models to the world. Yet, as with the Web, with web browsers (Webkit), with operating systems (Linux), with cloud orchestration (Kubernetes), open solutions will quickly outperform proprietary solutions for most use cases. They will be driven by the power of community and the requirement for technical excellence that successful open-source projects have always promoted.

At Mistral AI, we believe that an open approach to generative AI is necessary. Community-backed model development is the surest path to fight censorship and bias in a technology shaping our future.

We strongly believe that by training our own models, releasing them openly, and fostering community contributions, we can build a credible alternative to the emerging AI oligopoly. Open-weight generative models will play a pivotal role in the upcoming AI revolution.

Mistral AI’s mission is to spearhead the revolution of open models.