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About Us

Our mission is to unlock the collaborative power of communities by making Web3 universally easy to use, access, and build on.

Working with ConsenSys puts you at the forefront of an evolving paradigm, transforming our society for the better. We fundamentally believe blockchain is the next generation of technology that can lay the foundation for a more just and equitable society.

Blockchain tech is just over 10 years old. Ethereum itself is still a toddler and we’re far from reaching our full potential. You’ll get to work on the tools, infrastructure, and apps that scale these platforms to billions of users.

You’ll be constantly exposed to new concepts, ideas, and frameworks from your peers, and as you work on different projects — challenging you to stay at the top of your game. You’ll join a network of entrepreneurs and technologists that reaches the edge of our ecosystem. ConsenSys alumni have moved on to become tech entrepreneurs, CEOs, and team leads at tech companies.

About MetaMask + Dapps

One of MetaMask's most exciting features is its ability to connect to decentralized applications, or dapps (often called Dapps, dApps, or Đapps). Think of dapps as traditional websites that you can access in your browser but that have a unique portal built into them that links them to a blockchain. To interact with the functionality of that network, you need to have a wallet connected to the dapp portion of the website. That's where MetaMask comes in. Once the Dapp is enabled, the user can perform every one of the actions or events that it allows.

New Jobs

Senior Software Engineer

Full-time  •  Remote (United States)  •  $100k - $201k / year  •  2m ago
2m ago

Lead Product Marketer - MetaMask for Developers

UNITED STATES - Remote, CANADA - Remote, EMEA - Remote  •  5m ago
5m ago