Bread App - Office Manager

Office Manager

Bread App - San Francisco, CA, USA

Job description

We are looking for an experienced, energetic, organized and proactive office manager who takes ownership and responsibility, enjoys learning, and wants to grow professionally. We value someone who is skilled at assessing priorities and has exemplary accountability. Our business is growing and we need someone who is eager to tackle day to day challenges and opportunities.


- Acts as a gate-keeper and organizer for the administration of the San Francisco Office

- Works with communication tools, email, payroll, and finance systems

- Creates workflows for office tasks and special projects

- Systematizes office tasks

- Analyzes and prioritizes projects and creates a schedule for timely completion

- Coordinates office meetings and activities

- Helps with internal communication and events

- Helps with onboarding new hires

- Develops and maintains written systems of all activities

- Ensures office uses latest technology and most efficient method of work processing

** Requirements**

- Must be able to pass a background test

- Have a good understanding and appreciation of high growth startups

- Experience managing complex international calendars and schedules

- Editing and writing skills to initiate, compose, format, proofread and carefully edit various professional business documents and correspondences

- Strong organizational and time management skills; ability to prioritize and coordinate multiple work assignments and deadlines efficiently despite frequent interruptions

- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; ability to communicate in a pleasant, tactful and effective manner (both orally and in writing), and to handle difficult, sensitive and/or confidential issues

- Advanced computer skills and experience in using Google/Microsoft Suite, electronic email, internet, databases, presentation and graphic software and other standard office desktop applications

- Ability to analyze situations, define problems and/or objectives, identify relevant factors, formulate logical conclusions and suggest alternative solutions


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Bread App
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