Blockstream - Core Tech Engineer

Core Tech Engineer

Blockstream - San Francisco, CA, USA

Job description


Pioneering advancements in crypto currencies, open assets and smart contracts, Blockstream is the first company extending capabilities at the protocol level to support the application of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to a broad range of asset types. The extension mechanism of sidechains, the company’s initial area of focus, allows any number of so far unthought of developments to happen in an open and interoperable way. A champion of Bitcoin’s ethos, Blockstream supports values of decentralization, end-to-end security, user control, and open, permissionless innovation.

**Job Summary**

Blockstream is seeking experienced software developers to build the future of trustless transaction systems, extending the innovation pioneered by the Bitcoin system to new domains and applications and building systems which improve personal autonomy and security by minimizing third-party trust. These positions require working on complex and unforgiving cryptographic consensus infrastructure which has unusual requirements for software reliability and transparency, necessitating good communications skills and a detail-oriented perspective.

**Primary job responsibilities:**

* Analyze, design, and implement mission-critical back-end transaction processing software and protocols, including infrastructure for the Bitcoin network

* Analyze, design, and implement user-facing interfaces (libraries, RPCs, CLIs, GUIs) for these systems

* Create systems which extend trustless decentralized technology such as blockchains to new application domains

* Build infrastructure which can withstand attacks from both skilled and well-funded adversaries as well as inexperienced users

* Contribute to the development and implementation of cryptographic protocols

* Contribute technical designs to standards-setting efforts

* Help establish best practices for the development of systems in this space

* Engineer systems which are, by design, limited in their ability to undermine their users' interests

* Review the designs and implementations of these systems by collaborators inside and outside of the company

* Support the policy, sales, and communications team so they can speak accurately about the potentials and limitations of the relevant technologies

* At Blockstream you will join a geographically-distributed team of peers working directly with Bitcoin Core developers on open source public infrastructure and supporting systems.

**Required skills:**

* Strong and diverse engineering background

* Have designed and implemented of mission-critical software

* Demonstrable programming skills (in particular, systems programming in C/C++)

* Strong communication sills (both written and verbal)

* Strong critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving

* Strong computer science and mathematics fundamentals (such as computational complexity theory, logic, statistics)

* Proficiency navigating difficult engineering trade-offs including user-factors and security considerations

* Proficiency writing maintainable and portable software, as well as revision control

* Proficiency analyzing systems from an adversarial perspective and assessing worst-case behavior


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