Ambrosus - Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer

Ambrosus - Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Job description

**Your role with Ambrosus will envisage **delivering front-end for mobile and web applications built on top of the AMB-NET (the native blockchain of Ambrosus) and intended to turn raw product quality, assembly-line and logistical data from IoT sensors into actionable and monetisable business intelligence. 

**You will be responsible for:**

- Building the front-end for highly performing web and mobile applications that interact directly with the AMB-Net.

- Developing any APIs and/or SDKs required to deliver and execute client solutions within the framework of our enterprise pilot projects.

- Deploying, extending and continuously maintaining a variety of customizable mobile and web applications (supply chain management, product traceability, sensor intelligence) which together comprise the ecosystem of Ambrosus.


- 3+ years of proven experience in building and maintaining customer facing modern Web and mobile applications (responsive, cross-browser)

- Expert knowledge of Javascript, good knowledge of frameworks such as Angular/React/Backbone Familiarity with best practices and tooling in modern Web development (Gulp/Grunt, SASS/LESS, Github, SASS/LESS, Mocha, Webpack, Yarn, etc,)

- Strong understanding of web standards and cross-platform/browser compatibility (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.) for dynamic web applications

- Experience working in Agile startup teams with minimal supervision, flexibility to participate in multiple projects simultaneously.

- Bonus points if you have experience with full-stack development (node.js, APIs, OAuth, etc.); Blockchain (Web3.js); or native mobile development (Android/iOS), familiarity with UI/UX, customer-centric development principles.


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