Cointelegraph - Managing Editors at Cointelegraph (remote job)

Managing Editors at Cointelegraph (remote job)

Cointelegraph Spain, Brazil, China



Cointelegraph is expanding and looking for a managing editor for the Spanish and Brazilian versions. We are also ready to consider a bilingual candidate for both versions. Moreover, we are looking for a Chinese managing editor as well. A minimum of 3 years experience editing digital and/or print content is required. Please note this is a remote job and you don’t have to attend any office.

What our executive editor must do? Well, the usual stuff:

  • Work with multinational team of amazing (and not-so-amazing) authors across the globe;
  • Assign tasks and pitch articles to authors; enforce deadlines;
  • Copy edit content: style, spelling, tone, verbal identity, clarity, grace, awesomeness, fairness, adherence to editorial standards, conciseness, usage, coherence, logic, punctuation and a whole bunch of other fancy-shmancy words;
  • Fact check;
  • Enforce brand/style guides;
  • Actively participate in brainstorms and ideation;
  • Understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market OR be able to quickly figure that stuff out.

Experience: Minimum 3 years of experience editing digital and/or print content.

Skills and duties:

  • High managing skills;
  • Ability to focus on multiple tasks and turn around copy edits on strict deadlines;
  • Proven experience in copy editing content for spelling, clarity, punctuation, grammar, voice, style, tone et cetera;
  • Experience in checking sources for the accuracy of stats and quotes cited;
  • Must be comfortable editing all content types, short- and long-form articles, digital and social content;
  • Enforces brand style standards;
  • In-depth knowledge of copy editing tools and stylebooks (ie. Associated Press, Chicago, etc);
  • Should possess a superior command of both written and verbal communication skills. The latter will definitely come in handy since we kind of like to talk here;
  • Able to work both independently and in a team environment;
  • Must get into at least one argument about which cryptocurrency is superior per calendar year (Ok, not ‘must’, this is optional);
  • Experience editing or writing in B2B or the financial services industry is a plus;
  • Proficient in content management systems (CMS) and workflow tools.

If you feel that you are the ONE and ready to work with a multinational team of amazing (and not-so-amazing) authors across the globe, we will be happy to receive answers to the questions below.

In the subject line, please briefly provide answers to the following questions:

  • How many years of editorial experience do you have?
  • How many subordinates did you have?
  • How much was the average traffic on your edited articles?
  • Which news sections did you manage?

Also in the letter, we would like to receive answers to these questions:

  • Tell us about your current team. Who do you manage? What do they do? What are their responsibilities? What is your workflow in general?
  • How much content do you personally give (your team) per week / month / day? What kind of content is it?
  • How many articles do you rewrite?
  • How will you look for news stories and distribute them among journalists?
  • How will you control the quality and speed of translation of English articles?
  • Why do you want to change your job?
  • When are you ready to start work at Cointelegraph?
  • Are you ready to write news by yourself?
  • What is your current salary and what are your salary expectations?
  • How many hours a day are you ready to work?
  • Do you have experience in sales and monetization?
  • Who is looking for newsworthy occasions on your team?
  • What are the statistics of attendance from your current media, and specifically, the sections that you manage?
  • How much time do you need to hire three high-quality journalists for your editorial team?
  • What is your English level?

Feel free to apply to this job directly