Advanced Blockchain AG - Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer

Advanced Blockchain AG Berlin, Berlin, Germany



Advanced Blockchain AG is focused on designing and developing software for organizations looking to harness the power of Distributed Ledger Technology. Our team is set up to ride the wave of the blockchain revolution, possessing the experience, personnel and technological know-how to create a wide range of tailor-made blockchain systems to meet all kinds of needs across a variety of industries.

We understand the ability this technology has to disrupt long-standing industries and create entirely new business models, and we’re now set on channelling our knowledge and expertise into connecting the real-world with the power and potential DLT has to positively shaping our collective future. 

Despite being publicly-listed, we’re young at heart and pride ourselves on our dynamic, easy-going startup vibe. We recently moved into a new loft-office and events space in the heart of Berlin where we’ll provide you with top of the range equipment and an endless supply of Mate. We offer highly-competitive wages, flexible working hours and remote working possibilities. You’ll be surrounded by passionate team members hungry to make the most of our position as first-movers in the DLT industry in Germany.


  • Front End development for Blockchain projects
  • Creation of iOS/Android app using react native framework
  • UI Design for the Advanced Blockchain website and projects of the company
  • Documentation of the developed software
  • Unit testing implementation
  • The language and framework that will be used: Vue, React (JavaScript) and any other languages that can be useful

Required Skills

  • Experience using JavaScript frameworks (we use React and Vue.js)
  • + 3 years of dev experience 
  • use of git/github/gitlab
  • Unix
  • Scrum or Kanban
  • Unit testing
  • Excellent communication and documentations skills
  • Fluent in the English language
  • Blockchain experience is a plus