Bitmain - Blockchain Security Engineer / Researcher

Blockchain Security Engineer / Researcher

Bitmain Amsterdam, 07, Kingdom of the Netherlands


Bitmain is seeking qualified and experienced security engineers/researchers to join our growing blockchain team. We are actively recruiting candidates with domain expertise in all aspects of blockchain security and improvement with a focus on applied cryptography, including but not limited to pairing-based cryptography, secure multiparty computation, smart-contract security and low-level implementation of crypto schemes. 

 You will:

  • Collaborate with a team of experienced software engineers and open source community to build and improve the Bitcoin Cash blockchain
  • Investigate into possible ways to reduce latency and improve throughput and secure the solution with cryptography technique, e.g. sharding, sidechain, DAG, lightning network etc.
  • Keep pace with the latest developments in blockchain field (both academic and industrial) with a focus on the application of cryptography 



  • Master or PhD (preferred) degree in Information Security, Applied Mathematics, Cryptography
  • Highly analytical mind with good math skills and ability to read and understand academic papers
  • Good programming skills in C/C++, Go or Python to turn theory into codes
  • Good knowledge and strong interest in blockchain related decentralized technology