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Quantitative Analyst

Binary Investments (Europe) Ltd Malta, 10, Kingdom of the Netherlands


Binary Investments (Europe) Ltd is seeking a driven, analytical, and technically-gifted Quantitative Analyst to spur our future growth. Your role in the Quantitative Analytics group is essential. You will develop and optimise derivatives pricing and risk management algorithms for our online options trading platform. Your work will directly influence the profitability and success of our company.

Our company

Binary Investments (Europe) Ltd holds an investment service license in Malta that operates via the award-winning platform,

Launched in 2000, is one of the oldest and most respected names in the industry. The platform allows you to trade synthetic indices, currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities.

Our culture is a vibrant and progressive company that blends the entrepreneurial spirit of a startup with the profitability and stability of a long-running business.

Our company is built on a culture that fosters teamwork, individuality, and creativity.

We care deeply about cultural and gender diversity. We go to great lengths to foster a supportive, caring environment within a flat organisational structure.

We value staff with a sense of fun and adventure, who are optimistic, and customer focused. Above all, you must agree with our strong emphasis on business integrity.

Your skills and motivations

You excel at the intersection of mathematics, programming, and finance. You are fascinated by the convergence of all three fields, and how it can push you to scale new heights.

You thrive in a fast-paced environment that values collaboration and open communication. You enjoy the intellectual stimulation provided by mathematical models, data analysis, and financial research.

As our Quantitative Analyst, you will have the opportunity to develop derivatives pricing, and risk management models and algorithms. Your work will directly influence the profitability of our trading platform, and future success of our company.

We are looking for someone who loves to:

● Apply mathematical models to real-world scenarios.

● Solve complex and abstract mathematical problems to optimise pricing and manage risk.

● Analyse trading patterns to identify new market opportunities.

● Work with highly talented people in an exciting, multinational environment.

● Do great work, and inspires people around them to do the same.

● Get things done in a no-nonsense manner.

● Work without bureaucracy and hierarchy.

● Learn and improve, day in and day out.

To excel in this role, you must have:

● An advanced university degree in Physics, Financial Engineering or Mathematics.

● Experience in exotic options pricing, volatility forecasts, high- frequency trading, and the analysis of market inefficiencies.

● Knowledge of probability theory, stochastic calculus, numerical methods, Monte-Carlo simulation, differential equations, econometrics, and statistical modelling.

● Expertise in the application of object-oriented programming languages (C++, Perl, and Java), coupled with the ability to produce high-quality code.

● Experience in using financial information sources such as Bloomberg and Reuters.

● Relevant experience in the use of quant programming libraries and frameworks (QuantLib, Pricing Partners, FINCAD, and Numerix), and quant pricing platforms (SuperDerivatives and FENICS) would be a plus.

Your role’s Quantitative Analytics team is responsible for the pricing of our binary options. You will join them in managing the risk and profitability of the company’s options book.

The work that you do is complex, challenging, and essential to our future.

We process over a million transactions each day, and manage a book of exotic options which exceeds the complexity of the typical derivatives desk.

Since all transactions on the website are fully automated, our pricing and risk management algorithms must fully consider critical factors such as real-time pricing parameters, data feed irregularities, and latencies.

You will:

● Develop derivatives pricing, risk management models, and algorithms using C/C++, R, MATLAB, Perl, Python, and Java.

● Review, develop, and enhance Perl, C++, and R codes used in options pricing, volatility forecasts, and risk management programs.

● Maintain accurate system pricing parameters.

● Perform data mining using SQL databases, R/S-Plus, OLAP, and other analytical tools.

● Monitor website trading activity and minimise abuse.

● Generate periodic and special reports that summarise client trading trends.

Remuneration and benefits

This position includes a market-based salary, annual performance bonus, and health benefits.

You will receive travel and Internet allowances, and enjoy a casual dress code and flexi hours.


This role is based at our headquarters in Msida.


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