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Blockchain Developer

DeepOnion Australind, Western Australia, Australia


DeepOnion is looking for new Blockchain developers.

We are looking for proactive and passionate people who want to work on a project that wants to help the Blockchain ecosystem by offering a strong privacy cryptocurrency.

We also offer a service to improve the Blockchain ecosystem such as DeepVault, you can check to see our latest release.

DeepVault is a blockchain notary that allows you to store file validation credentials (hashes of files) within the blockchain. The ability to verify your files' integrity has innumerable benefits and can be applied almost all scenarios.

If you are a person with experience in the development of Blockchain and C ++, contact us.

The DeepOnion team can provide you with flexible times, good teammates and a strong community.

We are constantly looking for new members for our current development team, for more info please visit us at


C++, Bitcoin Script, English, Blockchain