ConsenSys - Blockchain/Smart Contract Developer

Blockchain/Smart Contract Developer

ConsenSys London, Ontario, Canada


ConsenSys is the world’s largest blockchain venture production studio focused on developing cutting edge applications across all major industry sectors, investing in disruptive startups, and consulting global organizations / governments on decentralized technologies powered by Ethereum. Our mission is to use these solutions to power the emerging economic, social, and political operating systems of the planet.

Our developers envision a world where blockchain and decentralized technologies play a pivotal role in transforming society. At ConsenSys Enterprise, we have been delivering blockchain software solutions to major global institutions for the past two years.

As consultants, we work on-site with our clients to ensure we’re delivering the best possible solution. Our Lead Developer plays an important role in leading these projects to success.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • You will be responsible for the development of Solidity smart contracts.

  • Create tests to accompany produced code.

  • Write code with security and resiliency in mind.

  • Contribute to and work within Agile and DevOps frameworks.

  • Work in partnership with Web Services and User Interface developers.

  • Develop in alignment with overall architecture design.

  • Assist in incident and problem resolution as appropriate.

Skills and Competencies

  • Understanding of Blockchain technology, especially Ethereum.

  • Experience of developing Ethereum smart contracts written in Solidity.

  • Experience of working in Agile projects with highly automated DevOps.

  • Experience of test driven development.

  • Experience of developing highly secure and resilient code.

  • Experience of collaborating with User Interface developers.

  • Experience of incident and problem resolution in production environments.

  • Interest in blockchain and enthusiasm for working in a space full of unknown unknowns, pivoting as needed, and being comfortable with not knowing the end state is a must.

  • Teamwork, flexibility, initiative, communication and organisation competencies are required.

  • Banking technology experience is an advantage but not essential.

  • Experience of full-stack development, especially with Angular and Node, is an advantage.


Solidity, Angular and Node