- Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineer Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America


We are a blockchain startup team of MIT alum. Among us, are the most collaborative, accomplished, and intelligent engineers, designers, data-analysts, investment bankers, researchers, and leaders shaping the blockchain ecosystem. We hope you share the following characteristics that we have at BlockTest:

  • Passionate about working with blockchain technology

  • Eager to learn more and contribute to this cutting-edge space and technology

  • Believe in the importance of objective, professional, data-driven, fact-based Due Diligence in this booming blockchain ecosystem

  • Can-do, hardworking, flexible, and optimistic attitude

    Job Overview

  • Software component implementation supporting the cloud-based blockchain evaluation platform

  • Building APIs to integrate different blockchains into the platform

  • Data analysis and visualization to support the blockchain evaluation procedures

  • Prototyping and proof-of-concept experiments to prove and rule out design decisions

  • Software testing at all levels (unit, module, component, system)

  • Researching new technologies and better implementations

  • Peer reviewing coworkers’ code

    Desired Experience

  • Proficiency with Java or Python Development

  • Experience with Blockchain technology, including blockchain protocol and DApp development

  • Experience with working on Linux/Unix platforms

  • Familiar with Restful API and Micro-service architecture

  • Familiar with Cloud computing, including but not limited to AWS

  • Experience with building scalable servers or distributed systems

  • Very responsible, self-disciplined, self-managed, self-motivated, and able to work with little or no supervision

  • Extensive experience with working on multiple projects at a time in a fast paced, results oriented environment


Java or Python, Linux/Unix platforms


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