Elastos - System Software Development Engineer

System Software Development Engineer

Elastos Shanghai, Shanghai, People's Republic of China


Job responsibilities:

  1. Our general work is to develop a set of operating environment based on blockchain technology for different OS platforms so that third-party App can perform trusted computing in this operating environment;

  2. Our target OS including but not limited to: android, iOS, windows, x86_linux, arm_linux, etc;

  3. The development languages we may use include but are not limited to: C ++, java, go, js, python, c,],) etc;

  4. We are more inclined to the system layer software development, may involve the OS: one or more of process, thread, network protocol stack, Framework, RPC and so on;

  5. We also have web server development, we need to solve such problems: high volume of concurrent data, P2P network communications, secure communications;

  6. We also need to understand cryptography, DRM personnel, help us to develop blockchain algorithm, the development of blockchain applications.

Job requirements:

  1. I hope you have a certain understanding of the blockchain, for example, know the relationship between Bitcoin and the blockchain, understand the technical principles of bitcoin mining, and more interested in the blockchain, believe & recognize the application value of blockchain technology in the future;

  2. Toss of love, strong curiosity and ability, in his spare time have studied some projects, technologies, such as: amateur to do some software projects, learning new technologies and personal practice;

  3. 3 years of programming experience, I hope you can have their own good business / technology areas, if there is a project, the product proved the best.


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