CoinMarketCap - Senior Full Stack Engineer

Senior Full Stack Engineer

CoinMarketCap New York City, New York, United States of America


As a full stack engineer, you will be directly developing tools that get utilized across millions of users every day. Our engineers work on a wide variety of products including our public facing website, commercial API product, internal tools, and upcoming services.


  • 5+ years of web development experience

  • Experience with testing frameworks

  • Proven ability to design, develop, and maintain web systems

  • Solid troubleshooting and problem solving skills

  • Passion for the world of cryptocurrency and related ecosystems


  • Proficiency with Python and related frameworks

  • Proficiency with NodeJS and related frameworks

  • Proficiency with modern front end frameworks like React.js and Vue.js

  • Experience with high traffic volume websites

  • Experience with designing user interfaces

  • Experience building APIs and developing integrations with third-party services

  • Knowledge of financial markets and data


Python, NodeJS, React.js and Vue.js