Storj Labs - Senior Software Engineer, Backend

Senior Software Engineer, Backend

Storj Labs Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America


Storj Labs is building the world’s best distributed storage system! With active storage nodes on every continent (except Antarctica (so far!)), Storj is leading the way for decentralized cloud storage. To give you a sense of scale, our system has over 100 PB of capacity and growing. By joining this team, you’ll be working on problems in object storage, networking, system design and architecture, erasure codes, distributed systems and P2P (DHTs, NAT traversal, fairness mechanics, incentives, etc), filesystems, cryptography, attack-resilient protocols, cryptocurrency, Byzantine fault tolerance, and more. We don’t expect you to be an expert in any of these, or even know about all of them. We’re looking for people who have a demonstrated ability to learn and grow, and get stuff done.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Storj is a global company with North American employees in California, Washington, Utah, Michigan, and Georgia, and European employees in Germany and Bulgaria. In Storj’s engineering department, you’ll spend the day working with a collaborative and innovative team to solve daily programming and operational challenges. These tasks are organized to make incremental progress toward our ambitious goal of decentralizing the world’s data. There are multiple teams, where teams are organized around areas of responsibility and ownership. Each team has a sprint planning meeting every two weeks to discuss the projects and issues we’ll be working on over the next two weeks and to sync up with our roadmap. We host weekly lunch-and-learns where an engineer will present on or train other engineers on some interesting topic. We do quarterly innovation weeks where developers are encouraged to spend a week and build exciting new products of their own creation, independent from existing roadmaps.

We’re very remote friendly. Being a global team, we rely heavily on video conferencing and group chat software. Even many of our employees who work near a regional office work from home some days of the week, which helps ensure that scheduled activities and meetings are remote-work friendly and accessible to anyone working from home. Most internal company communication happens through Slack (mostly GIFs) and/or Google Hangouts (we have computers dedicated to Google Hangouts).

All employees are offered excellent benefits including healthcare, dental, vision, and equity. All of our code goes through code review before getting merged, which is a wonderful opportunity to help engineers learn things they might not know and improve their skills.

This position is for backend development using the Go programming language.

We have begun using the Go programming language, but many of us came to Storj not specifically knowing Go beforehand. We don’t care if you have experience with Go, but we do require that you are proficient in some programming language at building systems, solving problems, understanding requirements, and getting things done.

The interview process will require that you demonstrate the ability to solve problems with programming via a paid off-site homework problem where we give you a representative problem and ask you to solve it. Successful candidates will demonstrate an ability to make sense of incomplete documentation, design and architect a software system cleanly and clearly, understand and anticipate user needs, and communicate what they’ve done clearly and well.

We would love to have you join us!


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