Bitmain - Communications Manager

Communications Manager

Bitmain Singapore, Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore



• Work closely with the corporate affairs’ team in Singapore to understand their continuously changing PR needs and suggest ways to meet those needs.

• Constantly interface with Bitmain’s International PR & Communications’ team in Beijing HQ.

• Proactively develop and nurture relationships with media outlets and journalists in SE Asia region, especially Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.

• Create or proofread all content sent out by the Singapore office to ensure that it is consistent with the messaging of Bitmain’sInternational PR & Comms’ team.

• Handle inbound inquiries from media in the SE Asia region.

• Identify and visit conferences and events that have a relevant media participation from the SE Asia region.

• Tell Bitmain’s side of stories through all of the above.

• Organize press conferences/events when needed.

• Develop proactive media story-lines.

• Draft internal communication messages for the Singapore office HR. Also, translate the drafts from Bitmain’s International PR & Comms’ team from English to Chinese.

• Occasionally, draft press releases and speeches for Bitmain executives in Singapore.


• Native fluency in English. Mandarin knowledge is a plus.

• 1-3 years of marketing/PR experience with a history of accomplishments achieved through self-written content.

• Can write captivating speeches in short time and under pressure.

• Strong interpersonal skills and relationship management skills, intense sales’ experience will be a plus.

• A technology fiend who easily understands new technologies and quickly see the news’ angle to them.

• Experience of working in startups/rapidly changing environments. Willing to multi-task on a regular basis.

• Experience of working or living abroad, preferably in China.

• Preferred – Knowledge of cryptocurrencies or a cryptocurrency user/holder him/herself