Bitmain - Back-end Software Engineer

Back-end Software Engineer

Bitmain Zug, Canton of Zug, Switzerland


Bitmain Switzerland AG with seat in Zug is a part of Bitmain Technologies, which operates very successfully both in the hardware and software sector of cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. 

We're looking for an experienced Back-end Software Engineer to develop the back-end web servers and Build blockchain data indexing and retrieving service.

Responsibilities include:

  • Design APIs of web services

  • Implement web servers by plumbing data from relational and key-value databases

  • Write unit tests and integrations tests for the web servers

  • Setup caching, monitoring systems for the web services


  • Over one year of Golang programming experience. Alternatively, over two years of C++/Java programming and interested in learning Golang.

  • Familiar with MySQL

  • Familiar with key-value stores like Redis, BoltDB

  • Familiar with Protocol Buffers and gRPC

  • Familiar with Git.

  • Fluent in English


  • perience in developing and maintaining web server

  • Understand blockchain related concepts like POW, UTXO, smart contract, etc.

  • Award winner in programming contests like ACM/ICPC, Google Code Jam, Topcoder Open, etc.

  • Fluent in German