Elastos - Test Engineer

Test Engineer

Elastos Beijing, Beijing, People's Republic of China


Job responsibilities:

  1. Work closely with developers and product managers to evaluate their workflows, control releases, test coverage and product quality;

  2. Automate repetitive tasks to improve test efficiency and establish coverage test;

  3. Write relatively complex code / scripts to test the system to achieve the necessary test environment and facilities;

  4. Develop test plans, design and implement test cases, and track defects or issues in the product software.

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or above in computer science, more than three years of experience in testing;

  • Have development / test automation experience;

  • Skilled Java, C / C + +, Go, Python programming;

  • In-depth understanding of various test methods.


  • Blockchain related experience is preferred;

  • There are blockchain wallet technology priority.


Java, C / C + +, Go, Python


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