Exodus - Asset Integration Engineer

Asset Integration Engineer

Exodus Delaware, Ohio, United States of America


There are many assets in the top 25 that Exodus does not support. Your role as an Asset Integration Engineer is to bring additional asset support inside of Exodus. Additional asset support brings Exodus into the forefront of each respective asset community.

Exodus is a desktop application built using Electron with backend services written in Node.js. If you've never worked with Electron before, you can think of it like the marriage of Chrome + Node.js.

What You Will Do

  • Write backend servers in Node.js that integrate with the asset’s server.

  • Choose database technology like LevelDB, LMDB, or Postgres to index and store addresses, transactions, etc.

  • Modify the front-end React.js components in Exodus to support the asset.

  • Implement or use 3rd-party libraries for asset signing and transaction creation.

  • Work with the UX designers to implement UX edge cases specific to each asset.

Who You Are

  • You have exchanged digital assets before and hold some of your savings in blockchain assets.

  • You have a deep knowledge of the Node.js APIs and are comfortable writing asynchronous algorithms.

  • You understand how to leverage the power of Promises, async / await, and generators.

  • You have a basic understanding of cryptographic primitives like hashing, macs, PK-crypto, and signing.

  • You have at least a few published npm packages.

  • You have an understanding on how REST differs from GraphQL.

  • You love writing code in Node.js and don’t understand why anyone would choose any other platform to write web services :)

  • You take initiative and don’t wait for direction.

  • You’re open-minded, humble, and value the best idea to winning.

  • You’re able to clearly articulate your thoughts and ideas via written communication.

  • You’re helpful and willing to offer assistance to other team members within the company or customers.




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