BOScoin - Contract Language Developer

Contract Language Developer

BOScoin Seoul, Seoul, South Korea


Minimum qualifications

  • BS degree in a technical field or equivalent practical experience.

  • 1+ year of experience creating or optimizing compilers and/or toolchains.

  • General understanding of compilers and other software tools.

  • Experience with parser generators such as lex/yacc, Antlr or native parser.

  • Experience with one or more of the following programming languages: C, C++, Java, Go, Python.

Preferred qualifications

  • Knowledge of one or more types of toolchains or compilers including but not limited to: LLVM, Clang, GCC or DSP.

  • Experience with low-level debugging

  • Experience with performance/code optimization and/or performance benchmarking.

  • Experience working on debuggers, especially gdb/lldb

  • Experience working with assembly languages

  • MS/Ph.D degree in Computer Science, especially compiler, is a big plus


C, C++, Java, Go, Python, lex/yacc, Antlr or native parser