Huobi - Senior Development Engineer

Senior Development Engineer

Huobi Beijing, Beijing, China


Job Responsibilities:

  1. Architecture planning and core functions development in digital asset trading platform and related Internet financial platform;

  2. Participate in the product planning, program development, requirement investigation and architecture design;

  3. Fuide the daily progress of project team members to solve the technical problems in development.

Job requirements:

  1. Have Proficiency in Linux system;

  2. Have profound understanding in JVM, familiar with the common method in JVM tuning;

  3. More than three years backend development/system programming experience; (Python, Ruby, Golang, C, Clojure, Scala, language restriction);

  4. Skilled in a database, SQL / NoSQL unlimited;

  5. Skilled use of Git;

  6. Like the open source technology, and have the strict requirement on code quality;

  7. Have a keen desire to learn, keep trying new technologies and have the deep understanding of the old technology.

Preferring pluses:

Proficiency in Java / Experience with Financial Project / Github open source project or technical blog