Huobi - Senior Front-end Web Development Engineer

Senior Front-end Web Development Engineer

Huobi Beijing, Beijing, China


Job Responsibilities:

  1. The design and application of the front-end components, the customization and modification of the framework;

  2. The improvement of the front-end project structure, the investigation of advanced technology and tools;

  3. Ensure the speed and quality of rapid iterative development, actively explore and summarize the front-end development models and norms;

  4. Provide training and guidance to engineers to help engineers get growth.

Job requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above in computer or related major, five years experience in web product development, with front-end team management experience is preferred;

  2. A solid basic computer skills, a strong code-writing ability; with high technical study ability, a strong ability for tackling technical difficulties, analysis and problem-solving skills;

  3. Proficient in angularjs, H5 / CSS3, skillfully use nodejs, requires, react, vue.js and other technologies, familiar with the front-end framework, and understand its principles;

  4. Familiar with the mainstream framework, the design and implementation of the class library, skilled in cross-browser, cross-terminal development;

  5. Attach importance to communication, with independent learning ability and able to give guidance to others.

  6. Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and can communicate with foreign employees properly.