Huobi - Senior Product Manager

Senior Product Manager

Huobi Beijing, Beijing, China


Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the development planning and core module design of digital currency trading products;

  2. Design and use data recovery mechanism to guide product optimization and monitoring of iterative effects;

  3. Responsible for the collection and deep analysis of competitive products, industry products, industry-related information ;

  4. The analysis and measurement of product life cycle, put forward constructive proposals for product long-term development strategy to provide the reference for policy-makers;

Job requirements:

  1. Strong interest in the Internet financial sector and blockchain technology, with a deeper understanding of the user groups it faces;

  2. Familiar with the overall realization of Internet products, including from demand analysis to product release. A keen market insight, rigorous logic analysis ability, good communication skills, and certain technical understanding;

  3. With strong goal-oriented awareness and execution, can lead and guide the product team to achieve the goal efficiently;

  4. Control the progress and quality of the project, coordinating the relevant personnel to complete the task;

  5. With excellent interactive design skills, the pursuit the ultimate perfection in user experience design;

  6. More 3 years experience in Internet product, industry-related product experience is preferred.