0xcert - Back-end developer experience in NodeJS, Javascript and TypeScript

Back-end developer experience in NodeJS, Javascript and TypeScript

0xcert Ljubljana, Ljubljana City Municipality, Slovenia


0xcert is looking for software engineering wizard, experienced in blockchain solutions, to take over the development and maintenance of our back-end infrastructure.

At 0xcert, you will:

  • Tackle and solve hard engineering and user experience problems in an elegant and seamless manner,
  • Participate in all stages of back-end development, including refining product vision, meeting requirements, software system design, coding, integration, testing, and product release.

If you have:

  • Back-end developer experience in NodeJS, Javascript and TypeScript,
  • Passion for blockchain solutions,
  • Experience in API design, development, and blockchain integration,
  • Experience in performance testing and deployment,
  • Innovative and open-source orientated mindset.

We offer:

  • A competitive salary – if we are impressed with you and your work, we'll accommodate your expectations,
  • Experience in the emerging blockchain technology ecosystem; prior blockchain experience not required,
  • Front-and-center participation in networking,
  • A relaxed working environment, full of open-minded and fun-loving young people.

If you ticked off the above points and feel like you should be the next member of the 0xcert team, drop us a line or two with your resume and a reason for deciding to do so.

Blockchain is an incredible mechanism for the digital tomorrow. But we need people to make it work.


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