Chainstack - Blockchain Expert

Blockchain Expert

Chainstack - Singapore, Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore

Job description

At Chainstack we are building the ultimate blockchain control panel for the enterprise sector. We believe companies should spend their precious time leveraging the massive potential of decentralized solutions. Instead, we find most enterprises struggling through the complex blockchain maze. Our offering — a cloud and protocol-agnostic platform that will enable enterprises to rapidly deploy and manage blockchain applications. All in a breeze.

We are a multicultural team that has strong roots in enterprise IT and cybersecurity. We are also an early-stage startup. This means you can make an impact from day one contributing to our vision of making enterprise blockchain adoption as simple as modern web services.

We are currently looking for a **Blockchain Expert**, an enthusiast who understands every consensus mechanism in detail and can build a native decentralized application from scratch.

**You will work on:**

- Designing and developing decentralized protocols and applications

- Leading research and analysis for technology and industry trends

- Delivering simple yet robust software solutions by collaborating cross-functionally with internal/external customers

**You will be awesome at this role if you have:**

- 4+ years of Node.js/Golang/C++ development experience

- 2+ years of blockchain research and development experience

- Strong background in algorithms, data structures, distributed systems, security and cryptography

- Exposure to cloud and DevOps

- Proven analytical and communication skills

You will be even more awesome if you bring along a burning desire to make the complexity in blockchain adoption a thing of the past.


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