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Senior Front-End Developer - Malta, 10, Kingdom of the Netherlands

Job description

Binary Investments (Europe) Ltd is seeking a driven, creative, and proactive Senior Front-End Developer. You will develop advanced applications and interfaces, as well as solve complex technical challenges related to our trading system. Your work will ensure that our financial trading platform performs at optimal levels for our clients and partners around the world.

**Our company **

Binary Investments (Europe) Ltd holds an investment service license in Malta that operates via the award-winning platform, Launched in 2000, is one of the oldest and most respected names in the industry. The platform allows you to trade synthetic indices, currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities.

**Our culture ** is a vibrant and progressive company that blends the entrepreneurial spirit of a startup with the profitability and stability of a long-running business. Our company is built on a culture that fosters teamwork, individuality, and creativity. We care deeply about cultural and gender diversity. We go to great lengths to foster a supportive, caring environment within a flat organisational structure. We value staff with a sense of fun and adventure, who are optimistic, and customer focused. Above all, you must agree with our strong emphasis on business integrity.

**Your skills and motivations **

You are experienced in building and optimising web and mobile applications. You care about your users and customers, and think deeply about how they use what you build.

You must be able to multitask and have a problem-solving mindset. The technologies we work with are complex and challenging. You must be willing to learn new things every day, including new frameworks, tools, and software. We will also depend on you to ensure that our trading platform functions at optimal levels for our clients and partners.

You are smart, self-motivated, and proactive. You thrive in a dynamic and collaborative work environment, and approach even the smallest task with an open mind.

Most importantly, you value the importance of constant, open, and honest communication.

**We are looking for someone who loves to:**

● Solve problems creatively and proactively. 

● Keep up with established and emerging web standards and technologies in front-end development. 

● Do great work, and inspires people around them to do the same. 

● Work with highly talented people in an exciting, multinational environment. 

● Get things done in a no-nonsense manner. 

● Work without bureaucracy and hierarchy. 

● Have the latest tools and technologies at their disposal. 

● Learn and improve, day in and day out. 

**To excel in this role, you must have: **

● Extensive knowledge in advanced coding techniques

● Ability to write high-quality, self-documenting code using test-driven development techniques.

● Extensive experience of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, and JSON. 

● Familiarity with various JavaScript standards, libraries, frameworks, compilers, and transpilers including ES6, TypeScript, Babel, SystemJS, Web Workers, jQuery, React, and Angular.

● Experience with package managers (npm), task runners (Gulp, Webpack, Grunt), CSS processors (Sass, Stylus), and APIs (WebSocket). 

● Familiarity with testing and debugging processes, including unit testing and UI testing. 

● Passion for Linux and other open-source platforms. 

**Your role **’s IT team is responsible for the design, development, and operation of our websites, applications, and high-traffic networks. As our Senior Front-End Developer, you will be taking on the challenge of developing and maintaining advanced applications and interfaces that connect clients with our patented trading system. You will also test and debug complex technical and UI issues related to our trading platform (that processes over one million transactions per day), based on feedback from our clients and customer service team. 

**You will: **

● Develop and maintain advanced features, tools, and applications according to best practices in UI/UX, front-end development and hybrid mobile application development. 

● Test and debug our ever-evolving product line to improve their speed, scalability, and usability across multiple browsers, devices, and web standards.

● Stay on top of the latest JavaScript frameworks, libraries, and tools in order to apply them when necessary to solve challenges related to web and mobile development. 

● Ensure the design and development of each page or product is consistent with our style guide, and that everything works as planned with each release.

**Remuneration and benefits **

This position includes a market-based salary, annual performance bonus, and health benefits. You will receive travel and Internet allowances, and enjoy a casual dress code and flexi hours. We will also assist you with your work permit or EU Blue Card, and relocation for your family. 

**Location **

This role is based at our headquarters in Msida.


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