information Assurance Platform (IAP) - Marketing Director

Marketing Director

information Assurance Platform (IAP) - London, England, United Kingdom

Job description

**Marketing Director for the IAP Network**

The position is open to remote / telecommuting options and responsible for strategy and leadership for the IAP Network’s marketing goals. The Information Assurance Platform (**IAP Network**) is a decentralised “blockchain” network focused on **Information Assurance and Cybersecurity** with a vision to enable **implicit trust** to build a **better tomorrow** for society; one business solution at a time. 

**Your responsibilities include:**

- Responsibility for marketing strategy

- Planning, developing and implementing marketing campaigns

- Achieving the primary awareness and marketing goals of the team

- Understand the platform and product

- Understand the stakeholders and current target customer

- Create and maintain competitor monitoring and profiles

- Manage, monitor and report on marketing related team members such as content writers, public relations team, digital analytics team, design team

- Support business development with identifying potential partnerships and partner marketing activities

- Source advertising opportunities, take responsibility for PR across all media

- Management of print media and related marketing materials such as brochures and websites

- Work in collaboration with team members such as user experience, branding strategy, web design, content marketing, graphic design, video and encourage stakeholder consensus in a friendly and productive manner

- Support channel access to major media outlets and opportunities

- Drive marketing friendly thinking across public facing team members

- Meet with partners and clients (or via skype, etc) at relevant conferences, trade shows, talks, events, etc.

- Identify relevant events, conferences, and marketing opportunities for other team members and coordinate attendance and interest internally

- Adhere to and add to internal policies, procedures and standards for marketing that are in line with the company’s ethics and vision

**Ideal applications will be able to demonstrate:**

- Fluent english

- 3+ years of marketing experience, preferably in technical/software related areas

- 3+ years social media marketing experience

- Self starter able to be proactive, motivate others and provide high level of energy and drive

- Creative thinker


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information Assurance Platform (IAP)
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