IBC International Blockchain Consulting - Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

IBC International Blockchain Consulting - Vermont, Victoria, Australia

Job description

We are looking for Chief Operating Officer to Plan, direct, and oversee a company's operational policies, rules, initiatives, and goals. Helps the organization execute long-term and short-term plans and directives by implementing experience, judgment, vision, management, and leadership.

Our ideal candidates is an experienced professional with a background in Marketing and a career in the B2B environment.


•Measures effectiveness and efficiency of operational processes both internally and externally and finds ways to improve processes.

•Develops and implements growth strategies.

•Acts as a liaison between the company and its clients for quality assurance.

•Provides mentorship to all employees including management.

•Motivates staff to meet or surpass organizational and sales goals.

•Coordinates with human resources department to recruit skilled talent and retain the best employees.

•Oversees daily operations and makes adjustments as necessary.

•Presents new ideas and cash flow strategies to the board of directors and other company officers.

•Directs acquisitions and sales of assets to meet organization goals.

•Evaluates newly implemented sales plans.

•Provides a system for employee salaries and benefits and ensures employees feel valued

•Promotes communication between colleagues for the benefit of information flow and to curb any problems that arise.


* Willingness to learn.

* Flexibility to adapt.

* Respect for others and teamwork.

**Skills and Qualifications**

Computational Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Legal Compliance, Customer Service, Financial Analysis, Certification, Logistics Knowledge, Industry Knowledge, Accounting Knowledge, IT Knowledge, Public Speaking, Problem Solving, Plan Implementation, Critical Thinking, Presentation Skills, Motivational Knowledge, Product Knowledge, Leadership, Time Management, Crisis Management, Risk Management, Exceptional Oral and Written Communication Skills, Budgeting and Sales Experience, Strategic Planning, and Business Development


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IBC International Blockchain Consulting
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