Exodus - Senior JavaScript Engineer

Senior JavaScript Engineer

Exodus - Remote

Job description

Your role as the senior JavaScript engineer will be to understand the vision of **Exodus** and take ownership and write code in accordance with the vision. We pride ourselves on optimizing for happiness and giving you the flexibility to choose to work on what excites you most.

**Exodus** is a desktop app built using Electron with a backend component written in Node.js. If you've never worked with Electron before, you can think of it like the marriage of Chrome + Node.js. You get all of the power of Node.js and all of the power of Chrome in one package. We think Electron is game changing for those who want to build cross-platform apps.

Working on Exodus is not all roses and lollipops though. Some weeks are grueling and require nothing but bug fixes. This can require firing up Exodus 100's of times in a day to track down a bug.

We also believe that in this ecosystem, the only way to truly build a successful product is to build trust with customers. This will require you to have some availability for customer service via Slack and email support. This shouldn't scare you, as it's an opportunity to learn what's wrong with the product.

20% of your time will be spent stepping outside of code and responding to inbound customer emails and customers in our live Slack channel. At Exodus it is vital everyone in the company understand customer problems and the pulse of the user community. We find these decisions and time spent dealing with customers puts everyone on the front lines and impacts all areas of design and decision in the organization.

**Skills You Need To Have:**

- Deep understanding of JavaScript (preferably Node.js)

- Know how and why to use asynchronous techniques (callbacks, promises, generators, async/await)

- Basic understanding of cryptographic primitives like hashing, macs, PK-crypto

- Deep understanding of JavaScript/Node.js data types and limitations

- You have excellent references and a history of trust in former careers

**We move all candidates to the top of the list if they have experience and understand the following; Electron, React.js, Bitcoin Scripts, Ethereum Smart Contracts.**


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