ChainSecurity AG

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ChainSecurity AG - Blockchain Security Engineer

Blockchain Security Engineer

ChainSecurity AG Zürich (Kreis 7) / Fluntern, Canton of Zürich, Switzerland

You will work with the most prominent blockchain teams to improve their security by educating them on best practices, reviewing their code, thinking through their architecture and assumptions and supervising their bug bounties. You will strive to automate your work by improving our tools and developing new ones, so you can focus on the hardest parts of securing a system. By publishing your findings and contributing to open-source, you will make a name for yourself in the blockchain security space. Responsibilities: Work directly with the developers of the most serious teams in the blockchain industry to audit their code and secure their products , Contribute to our security tools and create new ones, following good engineering practices , Conduct security research and publish your findings in technical blog posts , Improve our processes and offering and strive for the satisfaction of our clients Requirements: , Strong interest in and understanding of blockchain protocols and smart contract platforms , Fluency in Solidity and Python , Experience with penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, threat modeling or similar , Basic knowledge of cryptography , Proficiency with Linux and Git , Good written communication skills Desirable: , Experience auditing Ethereum smart contracts , Knowledge about the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the Yellow Paper , B.Sc. or higher in Computer Science or another relevant field Benefits: , Comfortable office with a beautiful view or the possibility to work remotely , 25 days of Paid Time Off , Culture of continuous learning encouraging conference visits, offering bi-weekly “Lunch & Learn” and exposing you to new languages, frameworks, and projects , Public exposure for your work and achievements through blog posts and conference presentations , The best equipment money can buy, so you can do your job unhindered If this profile fits you and you are excited about working at a blockchain startup that provides real value, please contact us at ChainSecurity: ChainSecurity is setting the standard for blockchain security. We find security vulnerabilities in distributed applications and set up processes to make sure projects stay secure after deployment. In addition to client-focused work, we create tools such as Securify, which help developers and auditors make their code more secure.