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CryptoKitties - Partnerships Manager

Partnerships Manager

CryptoKitties - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We're looking for a Partnership Manager to drive relationships from conception to fruition. Not only will you be bringing partnerships to life, but you will also work across verticals to learn from the best in the business on product integration and communications. Every member of our team shares a common vision: to create the future we want to live in. We need the right people to help us realize that vision. This position is based in our Vancouver office.

We value that each candidate brings their own unique mix of skill and experience. We set a high bar for our team members and ensure they have the support and guidance not just to succeed, but to excel.

What we’ll accomplish together:

Working with some of the biggest IP rights holders on the planet.

, Bringing entirely new consumer activations to fruition via cutting edge technology.

The role:

, Drive perspectives on market opportunities.

, Drive the implementation of partnership executions.

, Coordinate with the larger cross-disciplinary team to ensure completion.

, Coordinate with the business intelligence team on post campaign reporting.

, Communicate insights from campaigns to share learnings and optimize efforts.

, Improve processes to create efficient workflows across a multi-disciplinary team.

, Communicate with the product team to help them drive partnership efforts.

Our ideal candidate:

, You have project management or marketing and communications experience running campaigns.

, You have worked across various internal and external stakeholders.

, You have experience bringing complex projects to fruition.

, You come from an events, marketing, PjM, or account services background.

, You are a self-starter who can handle high levels of autonomy.

How to Apply:

, Please include your resume

, Answer the following question:

What are three sponsor, advertiser, or partnership executions you have been impressed by and why?

CryptoKitties - Database Engineer

Database Engineer

CryptoKitties - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Get CryptoKitties’ databases purring like a kitten through query performance optimizations.

You’ll accomplish this by reducing the number and severity of failure incidents and managing secure database migrations. Together, we will tackle the challenge of maintaining a high-throughput PostgreSQL database up-to-date with the Ethereum blockchain, a medium where data integrity is not always reliable. Should we purrvail, we will unite thousands of new CryptoKitties with their happily-ever-afters (new owners).

Both full-time and contract options are available.

What we’ll accomplish together:

Set up and manage high-throughput Postgres clusters which serve thousands of users all around the globe

, Fine-tune performance settings and tooling to optimize server resources

, Review and set up effective monitoring policies for the database server as well as its queries

, Implement schemas, procedures, and indexes fulfilling project needs

, Advise on queries and transactions, monitoring performance in day-to-day operations

Does this describe you?

, Experience with Amazon RDS and Multi-AZ deployments

, Experience scaling applications in general

, Experience with proprietary solutions such as DinamoDB or BigQuery

, Expertise in other types of data storage: columnar, key-value or graph databases

, Familiarity with Python

, In-depth SQL knowledge, including query optimization and performance monitoring

, Previously optimized Postgres’ configuration and parameters

, Previously set up Postgres clusters

How to apply:

, Please include your resume and/or LinkedIn profile.

, Please highlight past relevant experience.

CryptoKitties - Senior Cryptographic Engineer

Senior Cryptographic Engineer

CryptoKitties - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We're looking for a top-tier Senior Cryptographic Engineer to help us design practical, efficient, and secure cryptographic mechanisms for scaling blockchain technology to true consumer applications, without compromising the integrity of the cryptographic trust layer. Every member of our team shares a common vision: to create the future we want to live in. We need the right people to help us realize that vision. This position is based in our Vancouver office.

We value that each candidate brings their own unique mix of skill and experience. We set a high bar for our team members, but ensure they have the support and guidance not just to succeed, but to excel.

What we’ll accomplish together:

Apply practical knowledge of cryptographic primitives and their usage to new consumer-scale blockchain-enabled products.

, Design, deploy, and maintain a secure, trustworthy, and production-grade processing network.

, Research the latest developments in cryptographic technology, specifically related to public-private key systems, compact multi-signature and threshold-signature schemes, and lightweight secure multiparty computation.

A little bit about us:

CryptoKitties is the world's most successful blockchain game, accounting for 25% of traffic on the Ethereum network upon launch. CryptoKitties are cryptocollectibles that secure ownership of digital art via distributed ledger technology. Since launching, players have exchanged tens of millions of US dollars on the platform, with some cats selling for over US $100,000. We’ve been featured by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, TechCrunch, and VICE.

We created CryptoKitties to explore the concept of digital scarcity and introduce blockchain technology to everyday consumers. We want to shape the future of blockchain. Our team of 30+ world class engineers, designers, and product leads set industry standards and pioneer innovative blockchain advancements, including developing a new type of non-fungible token, ERC-721. Recent funding includes investments from leading firms Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures.

Our team combines creativity and experience to test new ground in game-making—our mission is to inspire delight with the goal of attracting the first billion consumers to the world of blockchain games and digital assets.

Our ideal candidate:

, Has an understanding of cryptographic primitives and the decentralized systems they enable.

, Has experience implementing production-quality cryptographic systems.

, Is inspired by the potential of scalable decentralized technology and finds it frustrating that existing blockchain projects don’t put enough focus on user experience and useful applications.

, Is comfortable assimilating information from academic papers and implementing new theories in code.

, Effectively communicates best practices for secure usage of cryptographic protocols to other team members.

How to apply:

Resume or LinkedIn

Please include a brief answer to ONE of the following:

- ETH uses Elliptic Curve Digital Signature. What are your thoughts? What do you think about using RSA Signature instead?

- Someone loses their private keys every day, losing access to their blockchain assets. What are some promising cryptographic mechanisms that can allow users to safely store and recover their keys without relying on a trusted third party?

More about CryptoKitties:

At CryptoKitties we recruit the best and foster an environment that enables our team. That means a workplace that is diverse, inclusive, and open-minded. We welcome applicants of all backgrounds, regardless of race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability.

We offer compensation commensurate with the high level of talent we seek, a dog-friendly office–our dogs are the cutest in the industry, and we won’t be told otherwise–extensive benefits, and flexible time off policy.


Are you hiring?

CryptoKitties - Head / VP of Growth and Marketing

Head / VP of Growth and Marketing

CryptoKitties - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We’re looking for a VP of Growth & Marketing with top-tier experience to get our groundbreaking blockchain products into the hands of consumers.

We hire for ability, not specific roles — we invest in people. And we have high hopes for you. You will help shape the way a new technology is perceived, understood, and adopted, championing the biggest technological revolution since the Internet to the world.

Also, you must love cats.

Our ideal candidate:

Our VP of Growth & Marketing thrives when designing delightful journeys for customers—from total newcomers to seasoned vets alike—and gets sweaty palms when they consider the immense possibilities of decentralization. They’re an ardent blockchain evangelist and grasp the significance of introducing this technology to the masses.

The perfect candidate will bring their own invaluable blend of skills and experience and the flexibility to address a diverse set of challenges, but we’re also looking for a healthy mix of expertise in these areas:

Inventive marketing campaigns: Designing complex, innovative, multi-channel campaigns with multiple partners both in advance (usually) and on the fly (sometimes).

Brand building: Armed with world-class IPs and brands, you will foster consumer trust while communicating the value of groundbreaking technology (and the people shaping its future).

Thought leadership: Developing and communicating new ideas in articulate and accessible ways for everyday audiences.

Nurturing a team: Bringing together and effectively leading a world-class crew of professionals to operate cross-functionally, enabling them to do their best work.

Data-driven strategy: Monitoring KPIs to make smart, informed decisions.

Driving growth: Implementing tactics that drive tangible product usage, leveraging brands and IP to catalyze consumer interest and foster loyalty.

Day-to-day, your work will look something like this:

Set and monitor specific objectives for growth. We want more, bigger, wider, but what exact dimensions are we aiming for?

Navigate and define. You’ll map out long-term strategy and guide your team to that target, uniting communications and marketing to shape the way we present ourselves to the world

Engage people with CryptoKitties, offer a lucid, accessible explanation for unfamiliar audiences. We want to build seamless growth mechanisms deep into the product experience.

Develop a key outward-facing role in the blockchain community. Through speaking, publishing, PR, and networking, establish yourself as a sought-after source for insights on blockchain.

Create a diverse media mix. Connect with users and potential users everywhere they live through a variety of channels to create an audience that’s deep and wide.

Establish and nurture a global 100-year brand. We want to be instantly recognized as leaders in our space, indelibly linked with trust, integrity, and fun. And cats.

Work to redefine the concepts of ownership, community, and trust for billions of everyday people around the world