Request Network

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Request Network - Back-end Developer

Back-end Developer

Request Network Amsterdam, 07, Kingdom of the Netherlands

We are looking for a Back-end developer who has a strong interest in blockchain technology, open-source, decentralization, security, and testing. You can work autonomously, have a strong integrity and are up for the challenge to build a more efficient future.

You will join the Request Network Foundation team, and specifically the Protocol Team, which is part of the YCombinator network. We share strong values and have been working together for several years.


  • Develop the Request Network protocol by adding new features, new currencies and improve scalability through research on Plasma and Tendermint
  • Implement and improving our JS library, helping support our nodes architecture - Help educating our community about how to build on Request
  • Contribute to a decentralized payment protocol built on the blockchain


  • Passionate about creating and releasing projects, as well as learning new languages - Be able to identify relations between parts of complex projects
  • Be able to demonstrate a deep understanding of the blockchain architecture
  • Hold a Master's in computer science or an equivalent field (STEM)
  • Proven analytical and proactive problem solving skills
  • Experience with modern development (ES6, Typescript, NodeJS, etc.). Knowledge of Solidity and Web3JS library is a plus
  • Optional: You have the skills to recreate the Rick and Morty Portal Gun and an opinion on how to avoid being trapped into one of the Black Mirror scenarios of the future


This role is based in Amsterdam. Remote work will be partially possible after a while.