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Huobi - Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist

Huobi Singapore, Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore


• In charge of all company’s social media platforms such as but not limited to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Steemit, Reddit, and Bitcoin Talk

• Able to add/write content on hot topics at an ‘as and when’ basis

• Generate content and responsible for website announcement

• Use different channels to reach different potential & existing users; Responsible for simulating activities

• Plan and execute online/offline campaigns

• Liaise with various departments to ensure launch and accuracy of marketing campaigns

• Conducting in-depth data analysis across a range of metrics and KPIs to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

• Plan and execute all digital marketing, including marketing automation, marketing database, email, social media and display advertising campaigns

• Proven experience with marketing automation software product enablement and digital marketing

• Able to translate Mandarin content to English and vice versa

• Perform any ad-hoc duties as assigned by the supervisor


• Bachelor’s degree or above in Mass Communication, Marketing or relevant

• Creative mindset with can-do attitude, business acumen to stay abreast with latest market trend, and respond with desired content and strategies promptly

• Excellent communication skills and team player

• Experience in relevant Blockchain industry is preferred, solid knowledge of analytics and measurement tools, good at data mining, strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking

• Fresh Graduates with great passion and capability are also welcomed to apply

• Follow hot topics on social media (Blockchain). Able to attend out of office hours industry events to keep abreast of industry news/happenings and communicate this via company media channels

• Candidate must have excellent written and communication skills in English and Mandarin (to translate mandarin content and liaise with Chinese associates)

Huobi - Senior JAVA Development Engineer

Senior JAVA Development Engineer

Huobi Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities: Research and development of the next generation of bitcoin exchange and related systems; To create performance indicators Achieve rapid iteration based on feedback; Work in small teams, may participate in different levels of development. Job requirements: Be able to skillfully use java; Have years of experience in the writing of the code; Understand the basic knowledge of the relational database. Optional skills: Contribute to open source code or maintain a technical blog. Blockchain (Bitcoin Ethereum) development experience. Ability to develop and troubleshoot multithreaded code. Have JVM development, configuration and tuning experience. Have experience in developing and optimizing existing programs. Have the ability to develop separate modules. Strong communication skills and ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams.
Huobi - Senior Front-end Web Development Engineer

Senior Front-end Web Development Engineer

Huobi Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities: The design and application of the front-end components, the customization and modification of the framework; The improvement of the front-end project structure, the investigation of advanced technology and tools; Ensure the speed and quality of rapid iterative development, actively explore and summarize the front-end development models and norms; Provide training and guidance to engineers to help engineers get growth. Job requirements: Bachelor degree or above in computer or related major, five years experience in web product development, with front-end team management experience is preferred; A solid basic computer skills, a strong code-writing ability; with high technical study ability, a strong ability for tackling technical difficulties, analysis and problem-solving skills; Proficient in angularjs, H5 / CSS3, skillfully use nodejs, requires, react, vue.js and other technologies, familiar with the front-end framework, and understand its principles; Familiar with the mainstream framework, the design and implementation of the class library, skilled in cross-browser, cross-terminal development; Attach importance to communication, with independent learning ability and able to give guidance to others. Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and can communicate with foreign employees properly.

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Huobi - Senior Development Engineer

Senior Development Engineer

Huobi Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities: Architecture planning and core functions development in digital asset trading platform and related Internet financial platform; Participate in the product planning, program development, requirement investigation and architecture design; Fuide the daily progress of project team members to solve the technical problems in development. Job requirements: Have Proficiency in Linux system; Have profound understanding in JVM, familiar with the common method in JVM tuning; More than three years backend development/system programming experience; (Python, Ruby, Golang, C, Clojure, Scala, language restriction); Skilled in a database, SQL / NoSQL unlimited; Skilled use of Git; Like the open source technology, and have the strict requirement on code quality; Have a keen desire to learn, keep trying new technologies and have the deep understanding of the old technology. Preferring pluses: Proficiency in Java / Experience with Financial Project / Github open source project or technical blog
Huobi - Senior Product Manager

Senior Product Manager

Huobi Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities: Responsible for the development planning and core module design of digital currency trading products; Design and use data recovery mechanism to guide product optimization and monitoring of iterative effects; Responsible for the collection and deep analysis of competitive products, industry products, industry-related information ; The analysis and measurement of product life cycle, put forward constructive proposals for product long-term development strategy to provide the reference for policy-makers; Job requirements: Strong interest in the Internet financial sector and blockchain technology, with a deeper understanding of the user groups it faces; Familiar with the overall realization of Internet products, including from demand analysis to product release. A keen market insight, rigorous logic analysis ability, good communication skills, and certain technical understanding; With strong goal-oriented awareness and execution, can lead and guide the product team to achieve the goal efficiently; Control the progress and quality of the project, coordinating the relevant personnel to complete the task; With excellent interactive design skills, the pursuit the ultimate perfection in user experience design; More 3 years experience in Internet product, industry-related product experience is preferred.