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Huobi - Senior Automation Test Engineer

Senior Automation Test Engineer

Huobi - Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities:

Familiar with the project requirements, responsible for automated test code writing of existing projects and projects to be on the line to reduce duplication of testing manpower;

Develop automated test plans, build automated test frameworks, develop and maintain automated test scripts and related tools;

According to the project needs to prepare a test plan, design and implementation of test cases, tracking and positioning of product defects, improve product quality;

Complete the testing work on project independently, including system integration testing, interface testing and so on;

Develop test tools design and deployment plan, organize or participate in software testing tools or systems building and deployment work, organize or participate in the software testing technology difficult problems solving work;

Summarize and write test procedures and norms, coordinating resources for the promotion of processes and norms;

Sum up and refine software testing experience, guide the junior and mid-level engineer's technical work;

Regularly learn new testing skills and tools, share with team members, and regularly conduct technical training.

Job requirements:

More than five years of software testing experience, more than three years of testing software development, automated testing or white box testing experience;

Proficiency in Java, Node.js or Python language, a strong test and development capabilities;

According to the test needs, design and implement automated test cases, develop test tools and improve test efficiency;

Good at writing functional test cases, and can complete the assigned functional testing tasks, able to quickly, accurately and comprehensively identify the problems in the testing process;

Good communication skills and have teamwork spirit, cooperating with the team members to complete the work;

A high sense of responsibility, able to bear greater pressure, and able to ensure the quality of work;

Fast learner with the innovative spirit.

Huobi - Trader (Analyst / Associate Level)

Trader (Analyst / Associate Level)

Huobi - Hong Kong, HCW, Hong Kong

Job Responsibilities:

Deal with common onboarding process, config the market making strategy and monitor trading status.

Review strategy asset status and work with fund accountant to make sure cash flow being correctly maintained.

Prepare daily strategy report.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor Degree or above in Financial Mathematics or related disciplines.

Basic LINUX server operation.

Basic Python skill will be a big plus.

Fast learner and able to pick up the configuration set in a short time.

Sensitive with number and basic calculation.

Good command in English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).

Huobi - Senior JAVA Development Engineer

Senior JAVA Development Engineer

Huobi - Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities:

Research and development of the next generation of bitcoin exchange and related systems;

To create performance indicators

Achieve rapid iteration based on feedback;

Work in small teams, may participate in different levels of development.

Job requirements:

Be able to skillfully use java;

Have years of experience in the writing of the code;

Understand the basic knowledge of the relational database.

Optional skills:

Contribute to open source code or maintain a technical blog.

Blockchain (Bitcoin Ethereum) development experience.

Ability to develop and troubleshoot multithreaded code.

Have JVM development, configuration and tuning experience.

Have experience in developing and optimizing existing programs.

Have the ability to develop separate modules.

Strong communication skills and ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams.


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Huobi - Social Operation Specialist

Social Operation Specialist

Huobi - Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for the planning and matrix management of social media operations;

Responsible for the operation and interaction of social media accounts;

Responsible for or support the planning and implementation of social media operations;

Responsible for content planning, design and writing, output management and implementation of relevant channels.

Job requirements:

25-35 years old;

Bachelor degree or above, master's degree is preferred;

3-5 years of working experience in the mainstream financial media or blockchain, or the digital media vertical media is preferred.

3-5 years of working experience in overseas social media platforms is preferred (including but not limited to twitter, telegram, medium, etc.);

Practitioners with experience in internet, finance, blockchain and digital assets are preferred;

Fluent in Chinese & English (speaking and writing are preferred).

Huobi - Business Development

Business Development

Huobi - Hong Kong, HCW, Hong Kong

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for communication (by email or phone) with different parties for facilitating business development

Liaise with blockchain-base start-up companies

Liaise with individual / institutional customers who provide cryptocurrency service

Construct partnership proposal and follow up on each phases in forming the partnership

Promote company’s brand globally by organizing seminars

Add hoc duty as assigned by Managers.

Job Requirement:

Degree holder or above in related disciplines

At least 1 year of working experience

Strong sense of responsibility

Experience in financial, blockchain or forex will be a big plus

Excellent communication skills in both English and Chinese

Good command of written English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)

Proficiency in MS office application

Good team player

Ability to work under pressure

Huobi - Data Visualization Developer

Data Visualization Developer

Huobi - Hong Kong, HCW, Hong Kong

Job Responsibilities:

Develop in-house financial indicators by analysing financial raw data.

Build frameworks for financial data cleaning and validation.

Build data visualization platforms with Python/webpage for portfolio management purposes.

Assist in daily maintenance of existing trading platform and enhance GUI implementation and design.

Job Requirement:

Degree holder or above in Computer Science or related disciplines.

Strong Python web skills with 2 + years of experience.

Strong Mathematical skills is preferable.

Trading experience is a big.

Have experience in banking/ financial industry will be a plus.

Good command of written and spoken English and Chinese, fluency in Putonghua is a must.

Ability to work under pressure.

Huobi - Senior Front-end Web Development Engineer

Senior Front-end Web Development Engineer

Huobi - Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities:

The design and application of the front-end components, the customization and modification of the framework;

The improvement of the front-end project structure, the investigation of advanced technology and tools;

Ensure the speed and quality of rapid iterative development, actively explore and summarize the front-end development models and norms;

Provide training and guidance to engineers to help engineers get growth.

Job requirements:

Bachelor degree or above in computer or related major, five years experience in web product development, with front-end team management experience is preferred;

A solid basic computer skills, a strong code-writing ability; with high technical study ability, a strong ability for tackling technical difficulties, analysis and problem-solving skills;

Proficient in angularjs, H5 / CSS3, skillfully use nodejs, requires, react, vue.js and other technologies, familiar with the front-end framework, and understand its principles;

Familiar with the mainstream framework, the design and implementation of the class library, skilled in cross-browser, cross-terminal development;

Attach importance to communication, with independent learning ability and able to give guidance to others.

Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and can communicate with foreign employees properly.

Huobi - Suppory Content Strategist

Suppory Content Strategist

Huobi - Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities:

Partner with our Customer Experience team to understand what issues customers are facing most often—and make recommendations to help address them in the Help Center or through in-product help.

Partner with product teams to create and maintain Huobi Help Center content across a wide range of products.

Use Help Center data to share actionable feedback with product teams.

Provide clear/accurate information that helps people answer their questions and solve their problems quickly and efficiently.

Prioritize and manage incoming Help Center requests.

Bring a fresh perspective and explore content beyond FAQs, like educational videos and infographics.

Job Requirements:

Native English speaker, excellent writing and editing skills.

Passion for cryptocurrency.

Ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment.

Experience in a help/support content role is a plus.

Chinese / Mandarin Speaking is Preferred.

Huobi - Community Operation Manager

Community Operation Manager

Huobi - Singapore, 01, Singapore

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for website user notification, including announcement, station letter and so on.

Monitor user activities; Develop plans to recall/activate users; Use different channels to reach different users; Responsible for simulating users activity and transactions.

Plan and execute online/offline campaigns.

Liaise with product R&D team; Ensure launch of marketing campaigns; Liaise with marketing team for advertising in various channels.

Conducting in-depth data analysis across a range of metrics and KPIs to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

Plan and execute all digital marketing, including marketing automation, marketing database, email, social media and display advertising campaigns.

Proven experience with marketing automation software product enablement and digital marketing.

Job requirements:

Bachelor degree or above; Fluency in English.

Experience in relevant industry is preferred, Solid knowledge of website analytics tools.

Good writing, thinking divergence, rich imagination, hardworking.

Sensitive to data, good at data mining, strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking.

Good communication skills and team spirit.

Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing and measurement.

Singaporeans or PR only.

Huobi - Senior Development Engineer

Senior Development Engineer

Huobi - Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities:

Architecture planning and core functions development in digital asset trading platform and related Internet financial platform;

Participate in the product planning, program development, requirement investigation and architecture design;

Fuide the daily progress of project team members to solve the technical problems in development.

Job requirements:

Have Proficiency in Linux system;

Have profound understanding in JVM, familiar with the common method in JVM tuning;

More than three years backend development/system programming experience; (Python, Ruby, Golang, C, Clojure, Scala, language restriction);

Skilled in a database, SQL / NoSQL unlimited;

Skilled use of Git;

Like the open source technology, and have the strict requirement on code quality;

Have a keen desire to learn, keep trying new technologies and have the deep understanding of the old technology.

Preferring pluses:

Proficiency in Java / Experience with Financial Project / Github open source project or technical blog

Huobi - Senior User Operation Specialist

Senior User Operation Specialist

Huobi - Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for website user notification, including announcement (in Chinese and English), station letter (in Chinese and English), etc.;

According to the user behavior, develop different user activation recall plan, contact users in different channels to promote station users' activity and transactions;

Responsible for the planning and implementation of online activities of users: coordinate the product design department and R & D department to complete the activities on-line; coordinate the marketing department to complete the activities of channel placement;

Through the data analysis to monitor the effect of the activity, writing summary and get promotion, achieving the effect of the activity;

Responsible for offline user planning and implementation activities.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree or above, CET - 6 or above, proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing, experience in related industries and experience in activity strategies are preferred.

Good writing skills and with divergent thinking, rich imagination, down-to-earth implementation of the work;

Sensitive to the data, good at finding problems through the data;

Good communication skills and team spirit.

Huobi - Senior BlockChain Researcher

Senior BlockChain Researcher

Huobi - Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities:

Collect and analyze industry information and development trends in blockchain area, and form research results through writing research reports and industry exchanges;

Find and sift potential target projects, interview the project and write evaluation reports;

Assist research director in other internal clerical work.

Job requirements:

Major in computer, finance, economics, and law;

Master degree or above, Universities of 985 project are preferred;

Excellent English listening and speaking;

Have an interest in the area of blockchain, digital assets, with industry experience in this area preferred;

With the financial media and industry research experience is preferred.

Huobi - Senior Product Manager

Senior Product Manager

Huobi - Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for the development planning and core module design of digital currency trading products;

Design and use data recovery mechanism to guide product optimization and monitoring of iterative effects;

Responsible for the collection and deep analysis of competitive products, industry products, industry-related information ;

The analysis and measurement of product life cycle, put forward constructive proposals for product long-term development strategy to provide the reference for policy-makers;

Job requirements:

Strong interest in the Internet financial sector and blockchain technology, with a deeper understanding of the user groups it faces;

Familiar with the overall realization of Internet products, including from demand analysis to product release. A keen market insight, rigorous logic analysis ability, good communication skills, and certain technical understanding;

With strong goal-oriented awareness and execution, can lead and guide the product team to achieve the goal efficiently;

Control the progress and quality of the project, coordinating the relevant personnel to complete the task;

With excellent interactive design skills, the pursuit the ultimate perfection in user experience design;

More 3 years experience in Internet product, industry-related product experience is preferred.

Huobi - Quantitative Developer

Quantitative Developer

Huobi - Hong Kong, HCW, Hong Kong

Job Responsibilities:

Implement quantitative trading strategy backtesting frameworks in Python

Structure data for rigorous statistical (Time Series) and pattern recognition analysis

Develop execution trading platform in /Python

Assist in quantitative alpha-capturing research, including complex indicator development with machine learning techniques.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree or above in Computer Science, Financial Engineering or Mathematics related discipline

Strong experience in Python( would be a plus to have)

In-depth knowledge in statistics , especially time series

Knowledge in Server Linux, SQL programming and database management will be a plus

Strong interest in finance and quantitative trading

Huobi - Accountant


Huobi - Hong Kong, HCW, Hong Kong

Job Responsibilities:

Fully in charge of daily accounting functions, include but not limited to complete day-to-day bookkeeping, accounting file management, reporting, and data analysis

Manage daily account operation, including legal currency and digital currency, ensuring smooth daily operation of bank accounts

Daily fund management of all the cash flow in all the accounts, including updating and reporting to related parties.

Add hoc duty as assigned by Managers.

Job Requirement:

Degree holder or above in Finance, Accounting, Auditing or related disciplines

At least 3 years of working experience in related fields

Have experience in banking/ financial industry will be a plus

Good command of written and spoken English and Chinese, fluency in Putonghua is a must

Proficiency in MS office application, familiar with Chinese word processing,

Good team player

Flexible to have business trip

Ability to work under pressure.

Huobi - Treasury Accountant

Treasury Accountant

Huobi - Hong Kong, HCW, Hong Kong

Job Responsibilities:

Strictly abide by and implement the company's financial management system

Handling daily operation payment/ settlement relate to Treasury activities, including cashflow in legal currency account and digital currency account, and keep records for every transaction

Assist in establishment of various types of bank accounts

Support maintenance of bank accounts and maintain a good relationship with banks.

Timely completion of the working day's legal currency for reconciliation

Coordinate with accountants, organize all the receipts from bank, approval records, invoices etc. in record.

Prepare treasury reports

Assist in month-end closing

Ad-hoc duty as assigned by managers

Job Requirement:

Degree holder or above in Finance, Accounting or related disciplines

At least 1 year related working experience

Have experience in dealing with banks

Have experience in banking industry will be a plus

Proficient in MS office applications

Good command of written and spoken English and Chinese, fluency in Putonghua is a must

Good Team Player, have strong sense of responsibility and sense of urgency

Flexible to have business trip

Immediately available is preferred

Huobi - Content Marketing Editor / Manager

Content Marketing Editor / Manager

Huobi - Singapore, 01, Singapore

Job Responsibilities:

Write digital marketing and technical content to build thought leadership in the Fintech industry

Assist with Brand Management, establish standards for the organization & building internal/external brand awareness

Channel management of digital content hubs and all supporting social channels including email / newsletter distribution. This person must understand the basic best practices of the main social media channels, which content and approaches work on each and why

Establish brand reach and authority through digital advertisements

Coming up with ideas and creating useful content for clients which also attracts customers.

Edit, proofread and improve content

Receive customer feedback and generate ideas to increase customer engagement

Communicate ideas, solicit feedback and offer ideas for new products and/or process improvements.

Job requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree (Marketing, Communications, Journalism preferred).

2-3 years’ experience in a marketing capacity, ideally digital marketing.

Demonstrated expertise in writing & editing web content.

Familiarity with branding, and digital advertising.

Experience creating content for the web and growing a social audience

Excellent time management skills, attention to detail and the ability to work autonomously while prioritizing work assignments.

A desire to work in a fast-paced environment.

Singaporeans or PR only

Huobi - Back-end Technical Expert

Back-end Technical Expert

Huobi - Beijing, Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for the framing analysis and design of the trading system, discover and solve the existing technical problems;

Host and participate in system logic model and physical model design and build prototype realization;

A comprehensive grasp of the overall design and important technical decisions, provide guidance to the specific design and development work, and tackle key technology problems;

Follow up industry forward-looking dynamics, participate in planning the overall technology roadmap.

Job requirements:

Over eight years of software development experience, and more than five years J2EE system experience;

Have a deep understanding of fault-tolerance, high concurrency, low latency of large systems, have experiences of using Hystrix or other similar databases;

More than three years of Webservice and Restful API design experience;

Proficient in a relational database and NoSQL design and selection, such as MySQL, MongoDB, CouchBase;

A strong interest in open source technologies, such as SpringBoot, SpringCloud, Vert.X, Kafka, Apache Camel, RxJava;

Good knowledge of the working principle of JVM, and have rich practical experience in JVM tuning, proficiency in VisualVM, JMC, DTrace, etc.

Familiar with unit testing and integration testing, having experience in reading JUnit or TestNG code is preferred, skillfully use a various mock framework;

Proficiency in object-oriented design and domain-driven design, have implementation experience in ES and CQRS;

Familiar with Linux system, and have a good understanding of DevOps and continuous delivery;

Familiar with Scala, Clojure, and have priority if master functional programming is preferred.

Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related.

Financial systems design experience is a plus

Experience in designing financial systems is a plus

Huobi - HR Executive

HR Executive

Huobi - Singapore, 01, Singapore

Job Responsibilities:

1,Responsible for full spectrum of human resource management functions including payroll, recruitment & selection, compensation and benefits, employees relations etc, with a focus on performs full recruitment cycle from advertising, screening, interviewing, recommendations to successful candidates

2,Responsible for Huobi globalization HR strategic planning

3,Perform with Beijing headquarters for communication and collaboration and weekly meeting report

4,Building the culture of our organization and responsible for staff training

5,Check, reconcile and validate to ensure all payroll transactions are processed accurately and timely

6,Perform calculations, compliance checks and process all employer/employee claims

7,Process accurate and timely reports for submission to IRAS, CPF and administration MOM work pass application, renewal, cancellation, tax clearance &other related matters

8,Compile statistics and generate reports for management information

9,Perform in the execution, implementation and enforcement of HR policies and procedures, ensure legal compliance in both HR regulations and employment law

10,Plan, direct, and coordinate employee rewards, health insurance, and any other benefits that the organization offers its employees

11,Handle all other HR matters and undertake tasks as assigned by management

Job requirements:

1,Degree or Diploma in HRM/Business Administration

2,Minimum 5 years of HR generalist experience, preferably with prior experience in IT or finance industry

3,Willingness and passion for streamlining and automating work processes

4,Strong knowledge of local Employment Act and a good understanding of HR policies and practices

5,Strong work ethic and team player, especially in the new startup company

6,Ability to manage multiple projects and to meet deadlines

7,Singaporean and PR only