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MakerDAO - Technical Account Manager

Technical Account Manager

MakerDAO Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark

Maker is seeking a Technical Account Manager focused on driving integration of our stable coin system. If you like getting your hands dirty, working at the edge, then this is the place to be.

The Technical Account Manager is responsible for managing all technical aspects of Maker’s relationship with its partners. They’re a core component of the newly formed integration team, which will soon be releasing an extensive JavaScript library for interacting with the Dai Stablecoin System. TAMs also work closely with the business development team to on-board new partners and grow distribution of Maker’s Stablecoin System.

The Technical Account Manager is the bridge between business and technology, managing technical relationships with partners, both internal and external. They are liaison and primary point of contact between our external exchange and platform partners. TAMs lead integrations, technical due diligence on new platforms and influence partners’ future roadmaps. TAMs must wear many hats as needed, from advising internal teams on forward-looking opportunities, to contributing to the JavaScript library and other integration packages, to debugging and troubleshooting production code. They are deeply technical with excellent communication skills alongside an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for partner management and have a strong vision on future technical direction.

TAMs work closely with the Business and Engineering teams to resolve any blocking technical issues our partners may encounter and identifying opportunities that scale and grow DSS’s penetration and global market reach.

As this role has a global responsibility it often involves partners and internal teams spread around the globe on multiple time zones. A successful TAM will have experience in working with geographically separated teams and embraces non-traditional working hours. Travel within the United States and Asia may be required.

The Technical Account Manager is responsible for:

  • Technical execution of several strategic partner relationships, such as decentralized and centralized exchanges using the Dai Stablecoin System to offer margin trading functionality.
  • Driving forward integrations and international market penetration globally.
  • Performing implementation reviews and ensuring the prompt and proper resolution of technical challenges.
  • Improving product feature offerings by providing partner feedback to internal cross-functional teams.
  • Troubleshooting the technical aspects of a partner’s integration, both new and ongoing, by providing necessary documentation and technical guidance.
  • Leading technical due diligence on new partner platform opportunities.
  • Working closely with existing partners and influencing their future product roadmaps.
  • Ensuring partners and other third parties transition smoothly during global settlement of Dai.
  • Providing technical guidance to Business and other internal teams.


  • Fluent in English
  • Degree in Engineering or Computer Science
  • Experience developing product architecture and accompanying documentation
  • Experience with JavaScript
  • Solid experience in a product management, engineering and technology strategy role
  • Experience with cryptocurrencies, decentralized exchanges and our stable coin system
  • Hands-on management of large, cross-functional software efforts
  • A deep understanding of software development in a team, and a track record of shipping software on time
  • Exceptional customer relationship skills including the ability to discover the true requirements underlying feature requests, recommend alternative technical and business approaches, and lead engineering efforts to meet aggressive timelines with optimal solutions
MakerDAO - Community Lead - Korea

Community Lead - Korea

MakerDAO Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

Maker is a technology startup with a mission – we exist to empower the next generation of financial tools and an accessible store of value for the world. We believe the best businesses need not make up their marketing and product stories, but should share and prove the real journey and impact behind their products with their customers. Maker is looking for a friendly self-starter, who loves meeting new people and building communities. You are the ultimate Maker evangelist and thought-starter for our current audience, and for those who have never heard of us. Through intelligent conversation - both online and in person at events - you will help grow the Maker footprint, taking us from a small blip on the radar to a household name. The blockchain community is discerning and quick to poke holes in ideas. Because of this, you are unflappable with an ability to articulate your thoughts clearly and calmly, garnering interest from a wide scope of people, while turning detractors into advocates. The ideal candidate wants to become a figurehead within the Maker community, a rockstar at conferences, and possesses a genuine personality that makes everyone want to have a conversation with them. This candidate is a credible and trustworthy resource for the Maker audience, while always remaining authentic to Maker and its vision. Lastly, you will be extremely knowledgeable about Maker’s product suite, and the crypto space in general. This will lead to you being responsible for helping our community understand and use our tools, organize events & meet-ups, creating localized content & campaigns, providing insights and research, and monitoring our social media accounts. Responsibilities: Become a respected resource of information within the community , Generate or join thought-provoking conversations to describe the benefits of Maker in the wider crypto and financial ecosystems , Be the first point of contact or outreach for great businesses that are – or potentially could be – part of the Maker community, introducing them to our Business Development team. , Work with Marketing to help spread Maker’s vision to new audiences, and providing strategic feedback where necessary , Integrate with Marketing to share global campaigns and develop locally-relevant ones , Be a product champion, helping all stakeholders to benefit from the Dai Stablecoin platform. , Provide insights, and document issues, challenges and needs so that the team can understand the needs of our customer base. , Be the voice of the user within the team to ensure product hypotheses, experiments and developments are in line with user needs. , Work with colleagues to scope, design and carry out research activities with businesses/shoppers – from existing users to new contacts – to develop a deep understanding of their issues, challenges and needs. , Build visibility and credibility of the Maker brand across all channels and in person with brand advocates & the wider community. , Help organize and lead our bi-annual internal events, sponsorships and conferences. , Organize local meet-ups for audiences to share ideas, conversations, and build out community , Monitor social channels to answer FAQs, engage in conversations, and provide additional context when needed , Keep on top of the latest relevant industry news and ensure we are in the story. ** About You:** , Must have excellent written and spoken english. , People person – must love meeting and chatting with new people in person and online. , Active social media user - Reddit, Twitter, Telegram etc… , Have established a community and have grown the community utilizing social strategy. , Be creative, experimental and innovative in your approach with users, social media and hosting events. , Patient – you will sometimes be helping non-technical people use our technology. , A team player who is eager to help – we are a small startup and all wear multiple hats. , Self starter – you’ll be planning your own week and setting your own goals, this isn’t a job for someone that likes working in a hierarchical workplace with top down instructions. ** Nice to Haves:** , Good design, photography or video editing skills. , Experience using: Rocket chat, Teamspeak, Medium, Steem, Google apps, CMS and CRM systems. Fluent in multiple languages is a plus. ** Benefits:** , Competitive salary paid in Dai. , Fun, small team – flat hierarchy and opportunity to lead projects and take on more responsibility as we grow. , First-hand experience of startup life. , Flexible hours and can work from home/remote.
MakerDAO - Business Development Associate

Business Development Associate

MakerDAO Shanghai, Shanghai, People's Republic of China

This position is focused on developing high-value relationships and new business verticals for MakerDAO products. As an emerging layer of financial infrastructure, MakerDAO partners with a large variety of businesses in many different sectors. The composition of our partners is diverse as are their needs. Your intricate knowledge of our products and broad understanding of how they are integrated into our partner’s businesses helps them to gain a competitive advantage and to grow. Using your superior relationship-building skills and enthusiastic nature, you’ll proactively network with potential integration partners and seek to expand the Maker brand name and market position. BDAs act as the front-end to the MakerDAO organization, funneling relationships to the Integrations Team, Marketing Team, and Collateral On-Boarding Team. BDAs sell our vision of economic empowerment through blockchain technology, the stability of the Dai stablecoin, and the inherent fairness of a permissionless credit system. BDAs do not need to be deeply technical, but should have a decent understanding of the web development stack. They should conceptually understand the technical limitations and basic functionality of blockchains, specifically ethereum. The Business Development Associate is responsible for: Creating new relationships and opening new business verticals for MakerDAO products/services. , Using their current network to acquire introductions. , Identifying high value partners and tending these relationships at in-person meetings and social events. Qualifications Minimum qualifications: , BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience. , 3 years business development experience in the finance or technology sector. , Good understanding of the Dai Credit System. , Excellent presentation and contract negotiation skills. , Experience with networking and maintaining business relationships. , A large high-value existing network. Preferred qualifications: , Persistent and outgoing personality. , Deep technical understanding of Maker’s products/services. , Proven ability to multi-task and manage multiple relationships at a time while paying strict attention to detail. , Self motivated and demonstrated capability to lead and/or motivate others around you. , Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

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MakerDAO - Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

MakerDAO Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark

Maker is a smart contract platform on Ethereum that backs and stabilizes the value of the Dai stablecoin through a dynamic system of Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs), autonomous feedback mechanisms, and appropriately incentivized external actors. We form our teams around availability of talent into co-located or distributed agile teams. For this position we are looking for a person that can work as member of a development team in Copenhagen. You will be part of a team that will build and test full scenarios on the new release of our platform that supports Multi-Collateral Dai. The team will initially interact directly with the new smart contracts to build testing scenarios. As the API, CLI and the maker.js library for UX solutions becomes available, scenarios will also be built and tested on these. Longer term the team will move on to work on Product and Industry solution development. This is a great opportunity to get involved with development of dApps for Blockchain and get intimate knowledge of the most promising project on Ethereum. If you’re excited by the problem spaces of developing, testing and delivering secure, engaging user experiences in an open financial system, we should talk! Responsibilities Work closely with the product coordination team in an agile process to ensure the most relevant scenarios are built, and tested according to requirements , Develop and test applications based on agreed project standards and guidelines , Assure the code committed has the agreed level of quality , Help to select the right architecture and technologies to deliver requirements , Support other developers with technical advice and coaching , Ensure developed code has high coverage of unit-tests, ideally applying Test-driven development principles , Review code of peers to suggest improvements , Program in pairs or small groups where it makes sense to do so What you will bring to the role , Degree in Engineering or Computer Science , Excellent knowledge of modern technology stack, primarily JavaScript/Node.js , Experience with React.js + Redux , Good understanding of database technology, both SQL and non-SQL; knowledge of GraphQL is a plus , Additional knowledge of Python, Java, Go, Rust a plus , Some experience with microservice architectures. Understanding or REST principles and message brokers , Experienced Linux user; At least basic DevOps skills , Familiarity with basic encryption techniques and securing an application , Experience developing product architecture and accompanying documentation , Blockchain (Ethereum) or cryptocurrency experience a plus, knowledge of the DAI Stablecoin System a big plus , Available for work in our Copenhagen office