Technical Operations Manager

Centrifuge | Real-World DeFi Unlocking liquidity for real world assets


Centrifuge bridges assets like invoices, real estate, and royalties to DeFi. Borrowers can finance their real-world assets without banks or other intermediaries. Providing liquidity is open to everyone. Investors receive a return plus CFG rewards.


Berlin, Germany


Job Description

We are looking for an experienced individual capable of solving technical and operational problems for all parties involved in the Centrifuge and Altair ecosystem.

Are you a hands-on, fast learning person that knows how to guide users through new products and can manage multiple projects and parties in parallel?

What You Will Be Doing

  • Support issuers in managing their on-chain credit fund and help them add collateral, draw/repay funds and anything else related to managing their pools
  • Help issuers interacting with Ethereum, using Metamask and Etherscan
  • Support your colleagues in other technical topics that come to the surface within the community
  • Plan, conduct, and monitor tests, and inspecting the Centrifuge product to ensure its quality

About you

  • You’re motivated: driven to grow the world’s understanding of DeFi, Centrifuge, and the opportunity before us to transform global financial markets
  • You are passionate about blockchain, have used DeFi dApps before and believe in the opportunity of decentralization and blockchains to change how the financial world works today
  • Experience in tools and automation of collaboration, documentation, and knowledge sharing
  • You have an interest in working in a self managed and organized environment and bring creativity to start your own initiatives within Centrifuge
  • The mission of Centrifuge is rewarding — and risky; you’re motivated by this push and pull and committed to taking that risk to help financial markets, market participants, and your colleagues sharing the reward of this work
  • You’re located in the Americas or willing to work Eastern Timezone Hours to be able to support our users in the Americas

About Centrifuge Team and Culture:

Centrifuge unlocks economic opportunity for all by connecting people to borrow and lend money transparently and cost-effectively; free of intermediaries and the inefficiencies of traditional finance. We are an early-stage blockchain project with the big mission to bring real-world finance and DeFi together.

Our core app has over $60M TVL, with major features in the coming months to exponentially expand our growth. Our team is a self-managed organization of 35 (and growing) that gives you plenty of space to experiment and fit into the roles that excite you the most.

We value diversity, which is reflected in our team. We are fully remote and there is no preferred work location, but you will be working primarily with CET and ET time zones.

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